Beer Mat


*this part is the same for all rationales.

Rekorderlig is a Swedish fruit cider brand with 5 flavours currently on the market and a seasonal one for winter. Founder Anders Nanne sees its current target market as women in their mid 20s – young, trendy, energetic and keen on new experiences. Westons’s Cider Report released in 2017 states that Rekorderlig’s current market share is 5% with a value growth of 13.1%. The same reports show that despite its flavours portfolio, only one flavour is widely bought and accountable for a big part of the brand’s market share – Strawberry-Lime.

The Challenge

To increase awareness of Rekorderlig’s flavours.

The Solution

To make each flavour seem personal for its audience.

The Result

A visual campaign across multiple platforms that promotes the quiz app.

Beer mats concept explained

Beer mats advertising in pubs/bars allows brands, says Table Talk Media, to advertise to people while they are in a relaxed environment, with a receptive mindset, no worries and time to spend. As the business objective of the campaign is to increase awareness of Rekorderlig’s flavours to women in their 20s, beer mats are distributed in pubs and campus bars along with infographic leaflets to ensure a higher brand engagement.

When it comes to OOH (out-of-home) advertising, WARC(World Association of Research Professionals) research shows that recall is higher when there is only one concept presented to the audience, hence why having the same concept as on billboards, and directing people to the game through all campaign platforms used, ensures a higher receptivity from customers in the awareness stage in the customer journey.


Rekorderlig has a flavour for everyone!


Take the Rekorderlig quiz to find out the flavour that suits your personality!

The campaign’s message is that there is a Rekorderlig for everyone. This offers a personal option, but also gives a sense of community, which, as Primesight points out, is needed to make the audience relate to the brand and share their preferences towards it.

The tone of voice is funny, friendly, catchy in a style that resonates with the rest of the campaign, which according to The Journal of Advertising Research stimulates people who are exposed to them to develop attitudes towards the brand through central processing.

Using beer mats as an integrated part of the campaign has always proved successful for drinks brands. Carlsberg has just launched a £15m campaign in the UK promoting its Danish roots in an attempt to slow down the decline of lager. Heineken has also used beer mats as part of its campaign in the past and had the beer mat sending the customers to the Heineken app, just like Rekorderlig’s.

Measurement of its success will be processed together with the infographic bottle leaflets as they will be placed together in the same campus bars to increase brand engagement.


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