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Rekorderlig is a Swedish fruit cider brand with 5 flavours currently on the market and a seasonal one for winter. Founder Anders Nanne sees its current target market as women in their mid 20s – young, trendy, energetic and keen on new experiences. Westons’s Cider Report released in 2017 states that Rekorderlig’s current market share is 5% with a value growth of 13.1%. The same reports show that despite its flavours portfolio, only one flavour is widely bought and accountable for a big part of the brand’s market share – Strawberry-Lime.

The Challenge

To increase awareness of Rekorderlig’s flavours.

The Solution

To make each flavour seem personal for its audience.

The Result

A visual campaign across multiple platforms that promotes the quiz app.

Billboard concept explained

All Over Media describes millennials as always on the go, online shoppers, but also, the most likely generation to make spontaneous purchases. They state that a successful out-of-home campaign has to provide information about a mobile app and promote an experience rather than a product. This description is in line with the business objective of the campaign which is to raise awareness of Rekorderlig’s flavours through a personality quiz.

Marketing Week also correlates the use of billboards with the customer journey, stating that billboards are most successful in the awareness stage, as they get people’s attention in a glimpse, which proves billboard as a medium integrates perfectly in Rekorderlig’s campaign strategy. Same report states that 33% of the people surveyed would look at a product after seeing an OOH (out-of-home) advert.


Rekorderlig has a flavour for everyone!


Take the Rekorderlig quiz to find out the flavour that suits your personality!

As the message of the campaign is that Rekorderlig has a flavour for everyone and sends the audience to the quiz app, the goal is to raise awareness, therefore the strategy for media integration isa high-impact strategy , according to the categories named in the Journal of Promotion Marketing. The Marketing to Millennials book further discusses that and concludes that millennials have a sense of adventure and pay attention to advertising that is fun and entertaining, hence why the tone of voice and style of it is fun, entertaining, relatable and incites toward joining a community with the call for action of downloading the app and taking the quiz.

The Rekorderlig campaign uses social realism by using an image of a person from the target audience to whom customers can relate, which is important, states Huffington Post that shows that millennials want brands to be authentic. However, Marketing Week shows that ultimately it is the content that matters. But given that the billboard is used in the awareness stage and it directs its audience to the quiz app, its effectiveness is measured mostly by the success of the app.

The billboard will be put in London as Westons Cider Report highlights that 16% of the cider consumers in the UK are located in London. London also has a young and dynamic vibe, therefore has the potential to increase the word of mouth about the campaign. In order to create an impact, given to its strong colour, the billboard will be 3048 mm x 6096 mm (3.048 m x 6.096 m/10 ft x 20 ft, the equivalent of 48 sheets) and therefore at 300 ppi in Photoshop.

The location should be one central, such as Piccadilly Circus, Leicester Square etc. and put in context, the billboard should look as below:


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