Rekordapp – the rekorderlig quiz app that tells you what cider fits you best!

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How I discovered Rekorderlig’s quiz Rekordapp

If there’s two things that define me, that’s being a tech geek and a cider lover. Discovering Rekorderlig’s quiz Rekordapp combined them both!

So the other day I was on the look for some cider and went over to the campus bar. Quite a few people, quite a queue, so what to do to make the time pass by faster? I picked this bottle shaped leaflet to keep me company. It was a Rekorderlig one. Now Rekorderlig is one of my favourite ciders, but I can never decide on one flavour – couldn’t you make it easier, Swedish people?

But hey, this leaflet, apart from taking my guilt away (I chose the cider over the gym, oops!) and informing me that Rekorderlig cider is 0g fat, mentioned that they have an app now, an app that has this quiz thatwill tell me what flavour fits my personality. Whaaaat? I HAD to check this out!

Campus bar infographics promoting Rekordapp and Rekorderlig facts

I took the Rekordapp Rekorderlig quiz myself

So I downloaded Rekordapp and started taking the quiz – Pick a colour? Easy – pink! What city I’d live in? New York, duh! And yes, because of the burgers and fries. The first person to hear my news is obviously my dog and no way I’m telling my crush I like them, I’d rather swim with the sharks – but I chose skydiving!

Confused? Take the quiz and you’ll get my rumbling. So this is my result:

You rank highest in conscientiousness and being efficient, well-organized, dependable, and self-sufficient. You prefer to plan things in advance and aim for high achievement. People who rank lower in conscientiousness may view your personality trait as stubborn and obsessive, but hey, we need a stubborn one amongst us, who else would convince us to have a Mango Raspberry cider?

Rekordapp results went up on Instagram #myRekorderlig

So how do I feel about Rekordapp, Rekorderlig’s quiz?

Do I like it? Hmm. Is it true? Hell yeah! So, by the time I finished my quiz, the queue got me to the bar, so when I got asked what drink I want, I didn’t have to take ages to decide (which I usually do, and every bartender hates me – sorry!) I knew now that my cider of choice is Mango Raspberry.

And as I was enjoying my drink, I found out so many cool stuff about Rekorderlig from their app! I would totally recommend you check it out!

Oh and also, they have this campaign where you can share your result by posting a picture of it on Instagram with the hashtag #myRekorderlig. Can’t wait to see yours, did you take the quiz already?


*this part is the same for all rationales.

Rekorderlig is a Swedish fruit cider brand with 5 flavours currently on the market and a seasonal one for winter. Founder Anders Nanne sees its current target market as women in their mid 20s – young, trendy, energetic and keen on new experiences. Westons’s Cider Report released in 2017 states that Rekorderlig’s current market share is 5% with a value growth of 13.1%. The same reports show that despite its flavours portfolio, only one flavour is widely bought and accountable for a big part of the brand’s market share – Strawberry-Lime.

The Challenge

To increase awareness of Rekorderlig’s flavours.

The Solution

To make each flavour seem personal for its audience.

The Result

A visual campaign across multiple platforms that promotes the quiz app.

Blog post concept explained

Blogs are increasingly being used as a marketing tool. Charlton College of Business Center for Marketing Research reveals that 34% of Fortune 500 companies are now actively blogging, which is the largest increase seen since 2008. Randy Duermyer sees the biggest advantage of a blog being the fact that it’s constantly updated, so as opposed to a website that is static, blogs have this dynamism that feeds millennials’ need to learn more, reveals a University of Missouri’s Reynolds Journalism Institute  report. Corey Wainwright from Hubspot positions blogging in the awareness stage of the customer journey, which follows Rekorderlig’s business objective for this campaign of raising awareness of its flavours while targeting an audience at the start of the customer journey.


Rekorderlig has a flavour for everyone!


Take the Rekorderlig quiz to find out the flavour that suits your personality!

Focus Words

Rekordapp, Rekorderlig, Quiz

User generated content is the ideal way to market products to millennials, blogs being amongst the best way for them to share their experience. Shopify reveals that millennials trust it 50% more than any other type of advertising. Euromonitor International reinforces that millennials are a generation that requests personalisation from brands and expect interaction. Given that the campaign’s message is that ‘there is a Rekordelig for everyone’, Rekordelig offers this personalisation that young adults ask from brands. Also, the style and tone of voice of the blog is funny, friendly and invites its audience to interaction and has a call to action for the readers to try the app themselves and then join the conversation.

The focus word used is Rekordapp, hence why it appears as the first word of the title, in the subheading, first paragraph, repeatedly in the main body, as well as in picture captions (titles, and alternative description as well). However, because the word is unique and non existent, it will direct people to the blog only once the Instagram campaign and the quiz app have worked, so that it becomes a searched word. Because of that, Rekorderlig quiz, were also used as focus words in all of the above, as they have a higher chance of increasing traffic.

Blogs’ effectiveness is relatively easy to be measured as they give traffic insight and if readers interact through accessing the links, commenting or sharing the post.


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