infographic bottle leaflet


*this part is the same for all rationales.

Rekorderlig is a Swedish fruit cider brand with 5 flavours currently on the market and a seasonal one for winter. Founder Anders Nanne sees its current target market as women in their mid 20s – young, trendy, energetic and keen on new experiences. Westons’s Cider Report released in 2017 states that Rekorderlig’s current market share is 5% with a value growth of 13.1%. The same reports show that despite its flavours portfolio, only one flavour is widely bought and accountable for a big part of the brand’s market share – Strawberry-Lime.

The Challenge

To increase awareness of Rekorderlig’s flavours.

The Solution

To make each flavour seem personal for its audience.

The Result

A visual campaign across multiple platforms that promotes the quiz app.

Infographic bottle leaflet concept explained

Hannah Taylor, Associate Director at Carter Murray states that infographics are something every company should include in its marketing campaign for several reasons – 90% of the information transmitted to the brain is visual, therefore they are more likely to catch a person’s attention rather than a text. Also, infographics are engaging and because of their appealing look, they are more likely to be picked up by press and publications which increases brand exposure. Also, according to Hanna Wiedenhoefer at Distribion, brands using infographics grow traffic 12% faster than those who do not.

Another benefit of infographics is the fact that hidden behind illustrations, fun facts and figures, they present a high amount of information about the brand which follows the business objective of the campaign of flavours awareness. It is ideal for addressing the first stage of the customer journey – awareness. Given that infographics are a source of information, the campaign’s target market is ideal to be addressed as they are “on course to become the most educated generation, a trend driven largely by demands of the demands of a modern knowledge-based economy” as Pew Research Center describes them.


Rekorderlig has a flavour for everyone!


Take the Rekorderlig quiz to find out the flavour that suits your personality!

The tone of voice and style are friendly and funny, with witty facts and questions meant to capture the reader’s attention with the ultimate goal is to deliver the message of having a flavour for everyone and have the reader download the app and take the quiz. As on all the other campaign visuals, the hashtag is also present, to strenghten the Instagram campaign.

The infographic leaflets have the shape of A4 sized Rekorderlig bottles, double faced, set to be displayed on campus bars tables. They will also be laminated so the damage made by drinks spillage/stains is limited.

The measurement of their success is to be seen by increased sales at the campus bars where they are displayed. Also, if access is allowed, the number of downloads for Rekordapp made on campus could be monitored, as through location services, it is possible to find out where the app has been downloaded from.


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