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Rekorderlig is a Swedish fruit cider brand with 5 flavours currently on the market and a seasonal one for winter. Founder Anders Nanne sees its current target market as women in their mid 20s – young, trendy, energetic and keen on new experiences. Westons’s Cider Report released in 2017 states that Rekorderlig’s current market share is 5% with a value growth of 13.1%. The same reports show that despite its flavours portfolio, only one flavour is widely bought and accountable for a big part of the brand’s market share – Strawberry-Lime.

The Challenge

To increase awareness of Rekorderlig’s flavours.

The Solution

To make each flavour seem personal for its audience.

The Result

A visual campaign across multiple platforms that promotes the quiz app.

Quiz game concept explained

The main concept of this campaign is a game app that targets millennials (18-24) and its message is that Rekorderlig has a flavour for everyone and so it offers its players the possibility to find the best cider for them according to a small personality test.  Both Tim Maytom from Mobile Marketing Magazine and Andrew Meola from Business Insider agree that brands do not use apps at their full potential. Robert Simmermon, Ph. D., psychologist in Atlanta Ga. explains that these personality tests tap into narrative psychology and give people the “illusion of authenticity” by letting a small part of them believe that the tests results are part of their true representation. Jordan Shapiro wrote for Forbes that these personality quizzes are popular because of displacement, a psychological function that allows one to get distracted and focus on something superficial, and even more, they don’t give people reason to worry, and instead provide entertainment. Furthermore, it offers millennials new ways to discover themselves and relate to the world, according to VCU Brandcenter Communications Strategy.


Rekorderlig has a flavour for everyone!


Take the Rekorderlig quiz to find out the flavour that suits your personality!

Dr Kishore Budha emphasizes how traditional market research offers insights, however semiotics tap into the lived experience of people and it makes sense to them by relating to a certain product. Through his explanations of the gaming semiotics the conclusion reached is that by using the right tone of voice, through the Rekorderlig game concept, the brand can become a sign of youth and aid communication amongst the people amongst the targeted market. The most known website for viral quizzes is Buzz Feed and as its Managing Editorial Directos, Summer Ann Burton confirms that the quizzes have their origins in women’s magazines which make them ideal for the brand’s target market.

The business objective is to raise awareness of the brand’s flavours while targeting people at the bottom of the customer journey, in the awareness stage. This would be achieved by using a humorous, friendly tone of voice and style.

The completion of the quiz shows the result as well as a short insight into the player’s personality. The screen also displays the possibility to share the results on social media, therefore encouraging the creation of app advocates that could further develop into brand advocates and at the same time fulfilling the millennials’ desire of knowing what their friends think about this anaylsis, says Robert Simmermon, Ph. D., psychologist in Atlanta Ga.

Having the Rekordapp installed allows people to, apart from quizzes, get notifications with the brand’s news, view the website in a mobile format, see where they can buy Rekorderlig from and therefore keep an ongoing engagement with the brand, vital for an awareness stage, Marketing Tech’s writer Craig Gooding states. The measurement of the campaign will be in the short term by how many downloads does the app get, and in the long term, if the brand gains more popularity online and ultimately more sales and therefore a bigger market share.

Further explanation of the quiz questions & interpretations

The full test with the questions, as well as the answers that would be generated by the app and all the interpretations that would be shown on the result screen can be found below:

Quiz questions:

  1. Which colour would you prefer?
  • Red (Answer: Strawberry Lime – SL)
  • Purple (Answer: Passionfruit – PF)
  • Magenta (Answer: Wild Berries – WB)
  • Green (Answer: Pear – P)
  • Pink (Answer: Mango Raspberry – MR) –
  1. What’s your favourite city?
  • Tokyo (MR)
  • London (WB)
  • New York (PF) –
  • Moscow (P)
  • Paris (SL)
  1. What’s your food of choice?
  • Pizza (MR)
  • Burgers & fries (P)
  • Salads (SL)
  • Pasta (PF) –
  • Steak (WB)
  1. Who’s the first person to hear your news?
  • Mum/Dad (P)
  • Brother/Sister (SL)
  • Boyfriend (PF) –
  • Best friend (MR)
  • Dog (WB)
  1. Which of these would you choose?
  • Skydiving (MR) –
  • Huge Rollercoaster (WB)
  • Swimming with sharks (PF)
  • Telling your crush you like him/her (SL)
  • Bungee Jumping (P)


  1. Strawberry Lime

You are trustworthy, kind, and affectionate toward others. Known for your pro-social behaviour and often committed to volunteer work and altruistic activities. Other people may view you as naïve and overly passive, but you know romance isn’t dead and strawberries will always be the fruit of love, right? Add some lime and here’s your cider!

  1. Passionfruit

You gain energy from social activity, you really love parties, don’t you? You’re talkative and outgoing and quite comfortable in the spotlight. Others may view you as domineering and attention-seeking, but you know you just live life with passion – hence why the passionfruit choice, see?

  1. Wild Berries

You are known for your broad range of interests and vivid imaginations. You’re curious and creative and you usually prefer variety over rigid routines. You are known for your pursuits of self-actualization through intense, euphoric experiences like meditative retreats or living abroad. Others may view you as unpredictable and unfocused, but you’re just wild like a berry – cheers to that!

  1. Pear

You experience a high degree of emotions. You’re more likely to be reactive and excitable, but you report higher degrees of unpleasant emotions like anxiety and irritability. Other people may view you as unstable and insecure, but truth is you just put your heart in everything that you do, so hang in there, little pear!

  1. Mango Raspberry

You rank highest in conscientiousness and being efficient, well-organized, dependable, and self-sufficient. You prefer to plan things in advance and aim for high achievement. People who rank lower in conscientiousness may view your personality trait as stubborn and obsessive, but hey, we need a stubborn one amongst us, who else would convince us to have a Mango Raspberry cider?

All interpretations are inspired, but modified to fit the brand and the quiz, the source being Inc.com.


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